These accessories will improve your motorcycle’s ability to make your life easier on the road. Our light brackets are the best in the business thanks to the super-light weight and sturdy construction. Our tool boxes offer additional lockable storage and are made of aluminium just as the auxiliary light brackets. The “RotoPax” bracket is a necessity if you want to carry a 1 gallon RotoPax fuel canister or if you want to attach our tool box to our pannier racks.

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Auxiliary Light Brackets

CNC milled aluminum auxiliary/fog light brackets. We offer versions for 25mm and 27mm diameter tubing.*
  • Full aluminum construction
  • Brushed, raw surface
  • CNC milled

Tool Box

Outback Motortek Tool Box  A universal matte black textured, lockable tool box. Designed to fit and keep all your tools in one place, strategically mounted on the (exhaust opposite side) inner part of our pannier racks. You can also mount it on the outer side or even on our rear luggage rack, if you prefer to do so, according to your own needs and luggage setup. The Tool Box is compatible with ALL Outback Motortek pannier racks and comes ready to be installed.* *If you have our Standard Pannier racks, you'll need an 'X-Bracket' mounting platform. Choose 'Yes' on the 'X-Bracket' option below, or get it here.

X–Bracket for Pannier Racks

X-Bracket platform for Outback Motortek Standard Pannier racks Built from a strong sheet of aluminium, the X-Bracket is a mounting platform for our Standard Pannier racks. It is designed to be used as a base in order to mount a variety of accessories, including but not restricted to, a 1 gallon ‘Rotopax’ (or similar) fuel/water canister, our Tool Box, a First Aid kit, etc.* The sliding X-Bracket can be mounted in the centre of the pannier racks or close to either edge, allowing the mounting of accessories on the outside as well. Shifted all the way forward or backward, it'll make room for strapping a smaller 6-10L bag next to it. *Fuel canister and other mentioned accessories are not included in the purchase.