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We do not take pre-orders. On the product page, you can register to be notified by email whenever a product becomes available.

Our current order processing time typically takes between 1–7 business days.

Shipping prices shown below are for hardware. If you purchase apparel or a smaller item like a tool box, costs will be 20% to 80% cheaper.

The exact price for your order and location will always be shown at checkout.


10€ to Hungary | 1–3 business days.

20€ to Europe: Belgium, Bulgaria, Croatia, Denmark, Estonia, Greece, Finland, Ireland, Latvia, Lithuania, Romania, Slovenia, Sweden | 3–7 business days (potentially more, depending on customs clearance in some countries). |  80€ for Fedex Express shipping.

Tracking information is always sent to the email address supplied during the checkout process. Tracking updates will also be provided via AfterShip or, for international customers, frequent updates are sent via FedEx/TNT (or EMS –Russia only).

You will receive an email with the tracking number automatically and directly by the carrier, once the shipment has been booked.

All the countries we ship to can be found above. If you can’t find your country on the list, then we do not offer shipping. Thank you for your understanding.

All orders are sent with the original invoice, stating the value of the goods, including shipping value. Please don’t ask us to put a lower value on the declaration form: this may present issues during the customs clearance process and can heavily delay the delivery of your order or risk of being confiscated.

Tracking information is always sent to the email address supplied during the checkout process. Tracking updates will also be provided via AfterShip or frequent updates are sent via TNT.

In case you’ve just added your desired products to the shopping cart but you’re yet to pay, you are able to make changes to your order. Click on your shopping cart and you can change the quantity (-/+) or simply remove (x) any item displayed, individually.

If you would like to change the options (colour, size, etc.) of any of your products, please remove it from the shopping cart, look up the desired product again and choose your preferred options. The updated item will be added to the shopping cart.

If you have already completed your order and wish to change or update something, while the order is still being processed, please contact us.